Baecation Destinations

There are many definitions out there for Baecations

  • Vacation with your significant other

  • Vacation with your situationship partner that you see while on vacation

Essentially, a baecation is simply a vacation with your bae/boo. However you define it, here are some hot locations for a dope Baecation!

Costa Rica

With the mind-boggling amounts of biological and cultural variety in Costa Rica, visitors often find themselves wanting to go back to experience something they missed on their last trip. From its classic Latin American beaches to its diverse jungles and cultures, Costa Rica is a destination that families, newlyweds, adventure-seekers and nature lovers alike can enjoy again and again.


No vacation to Saint Lucia would be complete without exploring the island's natural beauty—romantic escapes, golfing getaways, nature hikes and water sports of all kinds, including superb diving and snorkeling. From lively cafes, golden-sand beaches, amazing natural sites and, of course, shopping!

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